The Kitchen

With a dairy product, the process, licensing, and certification requires one to be in a commercial kitchen.  Diary products can’t safely stay at room temperature for more than a couple hours before they become unhealthy for consumption.  If we were making a product that could stay at room temperature, we could fall under the cottage food law in Michigan, and many other states.  However, gelato can’t stay at room temperature.  Thus, we are required to use a commercial kitchen to make our gelato.

In our Kalamazoo location, we make our gelato in the Feed the World Cafe kitchen.   We sublet a small portion of their kitchen to make each batch, including our base / custard, churning the base / custard into a frozen, delightful gelato (using a batch freezer), and quickly freezing the gelato (using a blast freezer) so there is less water crystals in the product.

Started on May 5th, 2015 by Patrick and Debra Mixis (son and mother), Feed the World Cafe offers eclectic meals for patrons in Kalamazoo. Meals that patron purchase also provide meals for someone who is hungry in the community. For every meal you eat at the restaurant or at their catered events provides a meal to someone in the local community.  This “one for one” meal business model has allowed Feed the World Cafe to provide over 70,000 meals in their first two years of operations.

You can find the Feed the World Cafe on Stadium Drive, a half mile west of 9th street, in the Village Place complex. Address: 7000 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009.  Come visit them….and us (we are in the back :-).

In the kitchen in Kalamazoo our main equipment consists of:

The equipment we have on our food trucks can be found on the food truck page