Hello Kalamazoo

Rollin’Gelato is excited to share with you that we will be in Kalamazoo for 10 days preparing gelato and sorbet (a total of four flavors: Coffee/bourbon gelato, Tres leches/spices and tea gelato;  Cranberry/Vanilla gelato; Blueberry sorbet ) for the special event at K College on February 3rd , 2018.

We all agree that it is very crucial for the perpetuity and success of a company is to have business and to be able to satisfy one’s customers. For us, at Rollin’ Gelato, we added to this equation a main factor: our ability to create custom made flavors that are either requested specifically by our customers and/or suggested by us to them for their special occasions. So far, we have been blessed and able to satisfy those requests.

K College has required from us to create a cranberry/Vanilla gelato for their coming event.  Your comment will be: this is already a known combination,  and our response will be:  you are right. However,  our creativity will say: Stay connected with us as we will share with you what “spin”; we will add to the cranberry to turn it from the “known” to the ” unique”.  Enjoy your Sunday 🙂



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