December Trip to Kalamazoo to Make Gelato (Sorbet)

Our season for gelato (sorbet) in Kalamazoo (Michigan) came to an end at the end of September.  And Widad has transitioned to working on the Austin (Texas) market for Rollin’ Gelato.

However, Widad will be making a trip to Kalamazoo the first week in December to make a batch of gelato (and sorbet) for the Kalamazoo market, all the while staying true to including main ingredients from Michigan.

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  • Dark Chocolate – Bourbon Gelato: dark chocolate (45% cocoa), unsweetened cocoa powder, bourbon, whole milk, heavy cream, skim milk powder, sugar, stabilizer. Gelato will also have  morsels of in-house freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that has orange zest in it)
  • Coconut Tres Leches Gelato:  toasted unsweetened coconut, whole milk, skim milk powder, and dulce de leche (thus tres leches, meaning “three milks”), heavy cream, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves), and earl grey tea.  The earl grey tea accentuates the spices,  sugar, and stabilizer.
  • Berry Brownies Gelato:  This is a vanilla gelato with pieces of strawberries sandwiched between two squares of brownies. The brownies are baked in-house and fresh.
  • Red-as-Wine SorbetSweet dark cherries sorbet with undertone of semi sweet red wine.

Worth noting: The cherries and strawberries were blast frozen by Rollin’ Gelato in August and September, and kept frozen for the holiday menu.  The cherries are from J&B Dick Orchards, and the strawberries are from Brookside Farms. So, yes they are Michigan cherries and strawberries, and they do not come from a can 🙂

The bourbon we use for these holiday offerings is from Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan.

We will also be offering our 3 staple flavors:

Deadline to order: November 29th.

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