Our containers — compostable

This past Saturday we had someone purchase a 4-oz cup of gelato at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market.  It was late in the day, and we only had chocolate gelato left in the freezer.  She bought a chocolate cup, and walked away eating the bold flavor of chocolate in one of our little cups (as pictured below).

After awhile, she came back and said, “I have a question”.  She recognized the cup as being different from others.  We appreciate her being aware of this.

Our 4-oz cups, along with the lids, labels, and spoons, are fully compostable.  The cups are made out of plant fiber.  The lids, which look like plastic but are not, are made from a material called Ingeo (a biopolymer).  The labels are paper-based.  And the spoons are wood-based.

Our pints are also fully compostable. See picture below of a pint container.

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