The gelato we offer is made from scratch, with the recipes developed by co-founder and owner, Widad Mueller. Widad is a trained culinary arts and pastry/baking chef, who fell in love with gelato during a trip to Italy in 2011 to celebrate the 80th birthday of a wonderful person (Magelli). Her and her husband, John, stayed at a hotel across from the Gelato University in Bologna during that trip to Italy. After 5 years, the opportunity came in the summer of 2016 to start something new in Widad’s life, and gelato was the ideal vehicle to continue moving forward with her food endeavors. Welcome to the world, Rollin’ Gelato. [ learn more about “Our Story” ]

We strive to make BOLD and VIBRANT balanced  flavors of gelato that we take to where the customer is located (via farmers markets, delivery — order online, a food truck, and catering events). Yum, yum. #rollinforward #joyouscollaboration

Rollin’ Gelato at a farmers’ market
The Rollin’ Gelato VW Bug
The Rollin’ Gelato VW Bus at the Battle Creek Farmers’ Market. It was the first time the bus was taken to a market.