Flavor Development

At Rollin’ Gelato, we are built on creating gelato flavors that are BOLD and VIBRANT, yet BALANCED.  We are not trying to have everyone like every flavor of gelato we make.  Not every flavor is going to be liked by each person; however, everyone will respect our quality and gelato-making skills, and thus will LOVE at least one of our flavors.

We actually want to hear that people do not like a certain Rollin’ Gelato flavor or flavors.  We want people to LOVE a flavor or two, and dislike other flavors. We want people to have a favorite flavor.

In addition, since we strive to have people respect our quality and gelato-making skills, we work to create flavors that people might dislike normally, but find their taste bus tingling when eating one of our flavors.  It might be better to explain this in an example.

For example, we strive to create a coffee flavor that coffee lovers love, while also having non-coffee lovers enjoying it.

This is all while still creating a coffee flavor of gelato that is bold and vibrant.  How is this done? By engineering the balance in each of our flavors.

That is our challenge.  To tackle that challenge we follow several guidelines. These guidelines are in the form of a scorecard with 5 dimensions: taste, local, organic, texture, and presentation.

In developing the taste of an “rg” flavor, Widad works to make the taste of the flavor BOLD and VIBRANT, yet BALANCED (BVB).