Michigan Tech Send Off Event

Yesterday, July 27th, Rollin’ Gelato catered gelato to the Michigan Tech Send Off event in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The event was for incoming freshman to Michigan Tech, and about 200 people attended.  The weather was wonderful…ly warm, which was good for eating gelato and talking about the university.

The event was especially good for us, as we were able to test the RG VW Bus with the new freezer for the first time in Michigan, and travel a distance that we hadn’t travelled before.  It was officially the 2nd time the bus was used for an event (first one was in Battle Creek earlier in the month for the Food Truck Fridays event).   The bus went 55 miles each way (round trip: 110 miles) to Millennium Park from Kalamazoo.

The bus and the new forced air freezer did well.  We had cold storage backup — as we drove the RG VW Bug and our Volvo XC90 to the event as well.  We had a second freezer in the bus (a chest freezer plugged into the electrical system of the bus).  And we had a third freezer — the Whynter travel freezer in the VW Bug.  This was  just in case something went wrong with the forced air freezer or the bus.

For the event, we developed a flavor of gelato specific to Michigan Tech:

The flavor uses local raw honey.  This batch uses honey from Marianne Bonamego in Lawrence, Michigan.

See pictures of the event below.


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