Rollin’ Gelato Loyalty Card — Reviewing the results after 3 weeks

There is no more pleasure to a chef’s heart than seeing a repeat customer coming back for that same flavor or to try a new one. We, at Rollin’Gelato, have enjoyed repeat customers who come asking for more of their favorite flavor and those who venture into a new flavor — and even suggest ideas of what they like us to create. Some individuals have gone out of their way to bring us herbs to try in our gelato and sorbet.

For those who come back with a smile, and for those we want to encourage to give it a try, we started handing out loyalty cards at the farmers’ markets at the beginning of this month (August).  We want to appreciate repeat customers who were buying 4-oz cups of gelato from us.  A loyalty card seemed to be the best and simplest way to do that (we are looking into other ways to reward loyal customers — e.g. electronic methods).

The feedback has been good, as people have remembered to bring the loyalty cards with them each time they purchase from us at a farmers’ market.  Please, keep coming back with your smiles as it is the way for Rollin’Gelato to keep rolling with new flavors that make your taste buds nod in approval.

Thank you again.

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