Checking out options for body / paint with VW Bus in Austin market

Today I spent time with Warren at Canyon Edge Body Shop in Austin, talking about what we can do with the 1972 VW Bus for the Austin market.

The bus has a good number of imperfections in its body, and Warren and I spent time talking about the options if we were to paint it….that is, without having to spend too much money on knocking out the dents and dings. Warren pointed out that a clean coat of green paint, like on our 1976 VW Bus in Kalamazoo, would highlight the dents and dings — in a negative way.  That wouldn’t be good, and would require spending a good chunk of time and money on the body as opposed to the paint.

Thus, we discussed other options. We thought about a pink (or faded green) camouflage option to hide the imperfections. And we thought about taking the bottom portion of the bus to the sheet metal and making it look rustic and authentic (like we want to portray in our company’s image — rustic wood, reclaimed wood, etc.). The sheet metal-look could be an option…and would highlight the dents and dings in a cool way.  The top portion would be white.  On the plus side as it relates to being financially sustainable, this possibly wouldn’t set us back a large amount of money.

On the way back from the body shop, I filled up this bus with gas for the first time. – – have used just 5 gallons since purchasing the bus in August.

Also, I am still working on a leak, this time a small leak under the engine (the previous leak was a large leak in the master brake cylinder).

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