Creating gelato and sorbet flavors; a special event this week

When you eat gelato or sorbet, you take your time and you don’t need much to be fully satisfied.  This is from a consumer’s perspective.  From a maker’s perspective, we hand pick our fruits, we puree them, we make the apples into a jam consistency, and we let it come together.

Time is important when you create a flavor: you think it out, almost know how it should taste, and then, with your heart and your hands you prepare it.

Woolaa,…below is this week’s creation for a catering order.

What you see in the picture above is:

A fourth flavor, not pictured, is: [ ….wait for it, wait for it… ]

  • Dark Chocolate – Bourbon Gelato, topped with a baby chocolate chip shortbread cookie

This last flavor is specially made for a WMU event.  Yes, these four flavors will be served at the WMU President’s Homecoming event.  At that time, we will know if we succeeded in delivering what we promised.

Oh, here are the ingredients in the Dark Chocolate – Bourbon Gelato 🙂


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