Pistachio Gelato

$8.00 per pint

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Our pistachio is different from other pistachio gelato you will see or taste on the market.  Rather than grind up the pistachio into as small of bits as possible and add artificial coloring and taste to the gelato, we leave bits of pistachio in the gelato.  Thus, you won’t see our pistachio green, like other gelatos on the market.

In addition, we add an orange zest to the gelato to liven up the taste, and round out the flavor with a little bit of almonds to balance out the nutty flavor in the gelato.

Ingredients: pistachios, almonds, orange zest, almond extract, milk, skim milk powder, cream, egg yolks, corn oil, sugar, stabilizer, cinnamon

[ This is one of the gelato flavors which we offer year round. ]


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