Volkswagen Thoughts — of the Future

This post isin’t about gelato or one of the VW Buses that we are working on.  Rather it is a post of what VW is working on that seems interesting.

One, it is Moia, which is based in Berlin. And two, the new VW bus coming in 2022 — the VW ID Buzz.

I ran across Moia today during my Christmas Day reading.  The company was founded in December 2016, and is lead by Ole Harms — who admittedly doesn’t like to waste time and sit in traffic.  It is interesting that the company is addressing the problem of empty seats — saying that some of the biggest problems in our world are caused by empty seats in vehicles. The company is using a new model of the autonomous driving VW bus / van that is equipped with wi-fi-, USB charing stations, dimmable reading lights to implement a new ride pooling solution. “… [ to ] travel through a city easily and freely, in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way”.  The all-electric, easy-to-get-in-and-out-of, Moia vehicles will be on the road initially in Hamburg, Germany in 2018, with the purpose of eliminating congestion in cities.  Learn more about Moia and read an article about Moia  and tiny, autonomously driven shuttle buses (from The Verge).

Volkswagen announced earlier this year that they will be bringing back the bus, in the form of an electric, autonomous-driving vehicle — the VW ID Buzz. The fun attraction of the VW ID Buzz is the vintage Volkswagen microbus look.  Currently, a conceptual car, VW thinks it will be available on the market by 2022.

How does this relate to Rollin’ Gelato?

Carbon population is one thing that we haven’t address with our vintage VW Buses, as the older buses aren’t the most friendlily for the environment.  It is a good thing we don’t drive long distances with our vintage VW buses.  However, that isn’t stopping us from thinking about ways to populate less with the vintage buses.  Or, When the time comes in 2022, do we try to build a RG VW food truck with the new VW ID Buzz?

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