5am intermezzo, Da’Lish

It is 5 AM and my mind is thinking how to develop a particular intermezzo for my friend, Chef Charletta Naylen, owner of Da’Lish, Kalamazoo.

I often get inspired from things around me, especially when I go to farms to buy our fruits for Rollin’Gelato. On Tuesday, on my way to Skyline Orchards to buy more peaches and nectarines for our sorbet, I landed on a vineyard new to me, Kruzich Vineyards.  Stopping in to check it out, I met Marsha Kurzich, who provided me a fun ride around the vineyards, and a good conversation.  I hand picked some Concorde and Niagara grapes.

 After the adventures at Kruzich, I continued on my path to Skyline and bought plums to compliment the ingredients —in an intermezzo.

The word intermezzo means “a light dramatic, musical, or other performance inserted between the acts of a play”.  So, no wonder Chefs use it as part of their courses as Chefs perform through the food they prepare.

My intermezzo sorbet is on the tangy/tart side, and it is meant to cleanse the palate between meals. This intermezzo sorbet has both grapes (Concorde and Niagara), plums (for natural fiber), a little bit sugar, and a touch of blueberry honey from Brookside farms (in Paw Paw). It is naturally completed with a touch of Chardonnay wine (this one is from California).

 On a final note, I am learning fruits that come together around the same time of the year complement each other.  This effect is tending to be the reasoning behind my my choices above.


I hope you like it. I am bringing few cups tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) to the Tiffany’s Wine Sale event (up to 25% off wine), where I will be providing our sorbet and gelato.


Soon, I will be working on a special flavor for a local group. It will have apples, possibly apple cider.  Can you take a guess who this group will be for??  Stay with us and you will hear soon.


Have a wonderful fall season.

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